Our family-owned farm of 40 acres is located in the East
Vineland section of BuenaVista Township in New Jersey.
It is part of a larger parcel of land of over 100 acres
purchased by Loreto Coia, patriarch of the family. He
came to the United States from Tocco Casauria in the
Abruzzi province of Italy in 1903.

In the first half of the 20th century peach and apple
orchards thrived on the land, while in the later half of the
century vegetables were the major crops.

Grapevines were present most of the century to supply the
family with grapes and wine. Coia Vineyards was
established in 1975 to further our understanding of the
types of grapes that could be grown and wines that could
be made from an expanded selection of grape varieties
including many hybrid and Vitis vinifera varieties.